WG1 - Data collection


General Tasks and Goals from the MOU

• Inventory and collection of measured ancillary data.
• Inventory of available high quality UV-measurements.

Setteld Tasks

1. Questionnaire to evaluate which data are available for a UV-climatology over Europe (June 2004)
2. Distribution of the questionnaire (each national Delegation, July 2004)
3. Analysis of answered questionnaires (October 2004)
4. Establishment of a data base for data exchange hosted by the Finish Meteorological Institute and using the BSCW package provided by DWD. The usage of the system needs the verification of a user (2005).
5. Providing data as requested from modellers (2005)
6. Care of BWSC Data base (2005 until the end of the Action)
7. Providing Data as currently requested from modellers:
Data from 4 stations were collected and made available at the BSWC only for the COST726 participants. Data contain UV measurements as well as auxilliary data like global solar radiation, sun shine duration, cloud information, aerosols and others.
These data are used by the modellers to calculate the erythemally effective UV radaition and to evaluate their models.
Data for the years 1999 and 2002 come from 4 stations: Arosa/Davos, Bergen, Potsdam and Thessaloniki.

WG Leader

1. Hugo DE BAKER (BE)


WG Members

2. BAIS Alkiviadis (MC, Greece, EoC)

3. BROGNIEZ Colette (MC, France, EoC)

4. CARVALHO Fernanda (MC, Portugal, ---)

5. de la CASINIERE Alain Chiron (MC, France, EoC)

6. CHMELIK Miroslav (MC, Slovakia, EoC)

7. FEISTER Uwe (MC, Germany, ---) >/A>

8. JOHNSEN Bjřrn (MC, Norway, EoC)

9. JOSEFSSON Weine (MC, Sweden, EoC)

10. KAUROLA Jussi (MC, Finland, EoC)

11. KJELDSTAD Berit (MC, Norway, EoC)

12. LAPETA Bozena (MC, Poland, EoC)

13. LINDFORS Anders (MC, Finland, EoC)

14. MANEA Laura (MC, Romania, ---)

15. NAGY Zoltán (MC, Hungary, EoC)

16. PASHIARDIS Stelios (MC, Cyprus, ---)

17. RADA Constantin (MC, Romania, ---)

18. SIANI Anna-Maria (MC, Italy, ---)

19. TOTH Zoltán (MC, Hungary, EoC)

20. TSVETKOV Anatoly (MC, WMO, ---)

21. VUILLEUMIER Laurent (MC, Switzerland, EoC)

22. van WEELE Michiel (MC, Netherlands, EoC)

23. WESTER Ulf (MC, Sweden, EoC)

24. ELEFTHERATOS Kostas (MC, Greece, ---)

24. BOGDANSKA Barbara (--, Poland, EoC)

25. CAMACHO Jose Luis (--, Spain, EoC)

26. FUTSETHER Cecilia (--, Norway, EoC)

27. GRIMNES Arne Auen (--, Norway, EoC)

28. MISAGA Oliver (--, Slovakia, EoC)

29. OLSETH Jan Alse (--, Norway, EoC)

30. ORBEK Jon Borre (--, Norway, EoC)

31. SIVERTSEN Tor Haakon (--, Norway, EoC)

32. STUBI Rene (--, Switzerland, EoC)

33. ZABLOCKI Grzegorz (--, Poland, EoC)

34. KIVI Rigel (--, Finland, ---)

35. KYRO Esko (--, Finland, ---)