Fernanda do Rosario da Silva Carvalho, Msc.

IM - Instituto de Meteorologia de Portugal
DelegašŅo Regional dos Azores
Observatorio Afonso Chaves
Rua MŅe de Deus - RelvŅo
9500-321 Ponta Delgada
Azores- Portugal
Tel: (+351) 296 650 210
Fax: (+351) 296 653 112
Mobile: (+351) 93 836 1776
Email: fernanda.carvalho@meteo.pt

List of Publications related to COST 726

Carvalho F.; Henriques D..
"Use of the Brewer Spectrophotometer for Aerosol Optical Depth Measurements on Ultraviolet Region",
Advances in Space Research 25/5, 997-1006, 2000.

F. Carvalho
"A Simplified Spectral Model for UV Irradiance Computations"
In: Chemistry and Radiation Changes in the Ozone Layer,
NATO Science Series, Series C ĩ Mathematical and Physics Sciences - Vol. 557,155-167,2000.

F.Carvalho, L.F.Nunes, D.Henriques
" Estimation of Sunshine Duration from Global Radiation Measurements for General Application Purposes"
Current Problems in Atmospheric Radiation, DEPAK Publishing.pg.1295-1297, 2000.

C. Cordoba, A. Perez,I Aguirre de Carcer, F. Jaque, D. Henriques, F. Carvalho
"Comparison of total ozone measurements from a differential optical absorption filter instrument and a Dobson spectrophotometer"
Int. J. Remote Sensing, vol. 18, no. 16, 3473-3478, 1997.