WG3 Requirements for biological UV effects


General Tasks and Goals from the MOU

Collection of action spectra for photobiological effects induced by UV radiation and selection of representative action spectra.
Derivation of requirements for ancillary data collection, reconstruction, climatology and trend analysis.
Recommendation of biological action spectra, time resolution and other requirements for UV modelling.
Dissemination of information on the biological importance of effective UV radiation and gained results to a broader audience.

Setteld Tasks

1. Questionnaire to evaluate which action spectra are mainly used in Europe (June 2004)
    This questionnaire is still valid and answers are still welcome.
    Download: WG3.doc
2. Distribution of the questionnaire (each national Delegation, July 2004)
3. Analysis of answered questionnaires (July - September 2004)
   Analysis of questionnaires
   Questionaire responders
4. Collection of Action Spectra(April-June 2004) 5. Establishment of the COST-726 Homepage (Dec. 2005)
6. Redistribution of the questionnaire to new participants and to delegates of countries without response to the first questionnaire (March 2006)
7. Exercise on spectral resolution of model calculations in respect to several action spectra
8. COST-ESP Joint Symposium at the ESP Congress 2006
9. Up-date of the COST-726 Homepage
10. Preparing a Booklet on UV radiation and climatology
11. Design of the Electronic Atlas of the UV Climatology over Europe
12. Summer School in 2008
13. Booklet on UV radiation and climatology
14. Electronic Atlas of the UV Climatology over Europe

Accompanying Information

General Aspects on Action Spectra

Accompanying Publications (for COST members only)

WG Leader



WG Members

2. Karel ETTLER (CZ)

3. Michal JANOUCH (CZ)



6. Zenobia LITYNSKA (COST726-Chair) (POL)

7. Ann WEBB (UK)

8. Gaetano ZIPOLI (IT)

9. Jussi KAUROLA (FIN)

10. Anders LINDFORS (FIN)

WG Experts

1. Martin STANEK (CZ)

2. Julita Biszczuk (POL)

3. Jakub Walawender (POL)