Mario BLUMTHALER (Permanent Expert)

Div. For Biomedical Physics, Innsbruck Medical University
Müllerstr. 44, 6020 Innsbruck

List of Publications related to COST 726

Blumthaler Mario
Quality assurance and quality control methodologies within the Austrian UV monitoring network
Rad Prot Dos 111, 359-362, 2004

Schreder J., J. Gröbner, A. Los, M. Blumthaler
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Huber M., M. Blumthaler and J. Schreder
Solar UV measurements with Robertson-Berger type instruments: influence of the detector's internal humidity status
Agric Forest Meteorol, 120, 39-43, 2003

Cede A., E. Luccini, L. Nunez, R.D. Piacentini and M. Blumthaler
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Appl Opt, 41, 6341-6350, 2002

Huber M., M. Blumthaler, J. Schreder, A. Bais and C. Topaloglou
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Appl. Opt. 41, 4273-4277, 2002

Bais A., C. Topaloglou, S. Kazadtzis, M. Blumthaler, J. Schreder, A. Schmalwieser, D. Henriques and M. Janouch
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World Meteorological Organization - Global Atmospheric Watch, Rep. No. 141, 2000

Leszczynski K., Jokela K., Ylianttila L., Visuri R., Blumthaler M.
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World Meteorological Organization - Global Atmospheric Watch, Rep. No. 112, 1996