Broadband meter intercomparison
31. July to 26. August 2006
PMOD/WRC, Davos, Switzerland


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Building of the PMOD/WRC and view.

Before bringing under the sun the broadband meters were characterized in the laboratory. These photographs show the setup for measuring the angular response of the devices.

These photograph shows the setup of measuring the spectral sensitivity of the broadband meters.

Left: Julian Gröbner and Gregor Hülsen discussing results and further procedures. Right: Help from two Phd students: Daniel Walker (MeteoSwiss) and Jaime E. Gil Roca (University of Granada).

Afterwards the broadband meters were ready to install.

Julian Gröbner, Gregor Hülsen and Christian Thomann mounting the instruments at the roof of the PMOD.

Lots of work is also neccessary to establish the data acquisition.


Two spectral radiometers (QASUME and UIIMP) were mounted as well.

All the mounted devices.

All the devices packed for going home.

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Photographs: Gregor Hülsen and many others....
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