STAR MODEL (by P. Koepke)

The STAR model is free for non-commercial use.

The delivered model contains of a java input mask.
To run this version, make sure that you have installed JAVA on your PC.
In the JAVA-Version the file name must be less or equal to 8 characters.

You can run the model directly from this CD by executing:

You can run the model also on your PC by copying the whole directory:
on your hard disk.

If you seriously use STAR, please inform Peter Koepke.
If you get an unintelligible result, please try to find the reason.
If you find an error in STAR, please inform Peter Koepke.
If you make a publication using STAR results, please send a copy to and use as reference:
Koepke, P., D. Anwender, M. Mech, A. Oppenrieder, J. Reuder, A. Ruggaber, M. Schreier, H. Schwander, and J. Schween , 2006,
Actual state of the UV radiation transfer model package STAR,
in: Fischer and Sohn (Eds.) IRS2004: Current Problems in Atmospheric Radiation, A. Deepak Publ., Hampton, USA, 71-74