( 25E to 35W and 30N to 80N )
from 1950 to 2008

The COST 726 Total Ozone Climtology (COC) consists of three data files and a easy to use program to extract a time series for a certain location.
The files you have to download are listed below.
The size of the data files is 52 Mb + 31 Mb + 4 Mb. Unzipped files will need 430 Mb of disk space
Put all files in the same directory.
The program only needs latitude and longitude (decimal point) divided by a comma as input (e.g. 52.21,15.33) and "enter".
It may need a few minutes to receive the result.
Time series, daily means for the period 01.01.1950 -20.03.2009 is stored in a simple ASCII-file as "timeseries.txt" in the same directory.
Please not that this file is overwritten each time you run the program. So do not forget to rename the file!.
The JGR paper(22MB!!) describing the method used in the COC preparation could be also downloaded.

 This Climatology is free for non-comercial use.
 In any application aknowledgement has to be given to the Action COST726 (
 and to Dr. J.W.Krzyscin
 In case of publication additional reference 1 (see below) has to be citated.
In any other case:
 you have to contact the developer: J.W.Krzyscin

Either from:
Or directly from this page using the right mouse button and using "Save download/target as...".
 Executable program (PC): cost_ozone_time_series_new.exe (478kb)
 Source code: cost_ozone_time_series_new.for (6kb))
 Readme file:readme_May2009.doc (6kb))
 Data file 1: (52Mb)
 Data file 2: (31Mb)
 Data file 3: (4Mb)

 1. Model Description and Validation:
  Krzyscin, J.W.,
  Statistical Reconstruction of Daily Total Ozone over Europe 1950 to 2004,
  Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol.113, D07112, doi: 10.1029/2007JD008881, 2008
 2. Trend Analysis:
  J. W. Krzyscin and J. L. Borkowski
  Variability of the total ozone trend over Europe for the period 1950-2004 derived from reconstructed data
  Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussion (ACPD), 8, 47-69, 2008.

Last Update: April 2008,
by A.W.Schmalwieser