COST 726 erythemally weighted UV CLIMATOLOGY over Europe
( 25E to 35W and 30N to 80N )
from 1950 to 2002

Description of the "Electronic Atlas":
This "Electronic Atlas" enables you to extract reconstructed erythemally weighted daily dose values for a certain location and a certain period.
Data are available from 1.1.1958 to 31.8.2002 for longitudes from 25E to 35W and latitudes from 30N to 80N. These data are mean values over an area of 1x 1.
It is possible to extract daily values, monthly sums and to calculate a simple annual statistics.

Instruction: How to use the e-Atlas

Download: e-Atlas (110 MB) as zip-file

 This Climatology is free for non-comercial use.
 However contact your National Delegate before use.
 In any application aknowledgement has to be given to the Action COST726 (
 Contact your National Delegate before use.

Reference 1:
 COST ACTION 726 - Long term changes and climatology of UV radiation over Europe
Final Report
COST Office in press

Last Update: June 2009,
by A.W.Schmalwieser