COST 726 OROGRAPHY over Europe
( 25E to 35W and 30N to 80N )

- assembled from ESRA TerrainBase.bin ~ NASA Topo05
- orography equals the altitude average of -6 to +5 columns and -6 to +5 rows of TerrainBase around the COST726 Pixel
- minimum altitude of a land pixel is +1 m a.s.l., a sea pixel has the altitude 0 m (land / sea mask)
- COST726 pixel with more than 72 sea pixel of TerrainBase are set to 0. m a.s.l.

The file is identically formatted as the COST726 ozone and CMF files (date is = 0 0 0) Data format:
The file (*.txt) contains gridded (1x1 degrees in latitude and longitude) data provided by Henning Staiger.
The grid dimensions are 61x50 covering longitudes 25W-35E and latitudes 80N-31N in a regular lat-lon grid with 1 degree spacing.

Non-commercial: These data are free for non-comercial use. In any application aknowledgement has to be given to the Action COST726 ( and to H. Staiger. In case of publication additional reference 1 (see below) has to be citated.
In any other case: you have to contact the developer: H. Staiger


References 1:
COST ACTION 726 - Long term changes and climatology of UV radiation over Europe
Final Report
COST Office in press

Last Update: March 2009,
by A.W.Schmalwieser