COST 726 Aerosol Climatology over Europe
( 25W to 35E and 31N to 80N )
Monthly Mean values
provided by Natalia Chubarova

The COST 726 Aerosol Climtology consists of one data file (ascii).
The file contains
Lon, Lat and 12 values of AOT at 308nm for each month ( from Jan to Dec).
The format is: 14F12.2

If altitude is >1km the following correction should be applied: AOT=AOT / (altitude[km])^1.65

Angstrom coefficient: 1
Single scattering albedo: 0.94
Asymmetry factor: 0.75

If you have any questions/comments, please, contact by email:

Non-commercial: This climatology is free for non-comercial use. In any application aknowledgement has to be given to the Action COST726 ( and to Dr. N.Chubarova. In case of publication additional reference 1 (see below) has to be citated.
In any other case: you have to contact the developer: N.Chubarova

  Ascii file (0,5 MB)

Reference 1:
 N.Y. Chubarova et al. (2009)
Seasonal distribution of aerosol properties over Europe and their impact on UV irradiance
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 2, 593608
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Last Update: May 2009,
by A.W.Schmalwieser