WG2 - UV modelling


General Tasks and Goals from the MOU

Identify models suited for building an European climatological dataset of UV radiation.
Generate a prototype subset for a European UV climatology for evaluation purposes, using different models and ancillary data.
Quality check of UV climatologies modelled by different algorithms, both against each other and against measured data.
Modelling long time UV series with high spatial and temporal resolution for selected biological processes.
Calculation of UV trend patterns and their temporal variability.
Establishing the sources of UV trend variability over Europe.
Visualisation with respect to beneficiaries needs.
European UV climatology assessment.

Setteld Tasks

1. Design of a questionnaire on models used in Europe (June 2004)
2. Distribution of the questionnaire (each national Delegation, July 2004)
3. Analysis of answered questionnaires (October 2004)
4. Selection of data required for testing different models
5. First model runs and analysis (August 2005)
6. Data request (March 2007)
7. Model runs and first evaluation of the results (Spring 2006)
8. Comparison of model results (2006)
9. Preparing the report of the model intercomparison (April 2007)
10. Tests of map-modeling
11. Development of interpolation algorithms
12. Reconstruction of UV radiation over Europe into the past
13. Modeling long time UV series and maps for selected biological processes
14. Data for the Electronic UV-atlas

Accompanying Publication

These papers are only available for the participants of COST 726 for information, discussions and decissions and require a password to become readable.

The Taylor-Diagram   

WG Leader

1. Peter KOEPKE (Vice-Chair) (D)


WG Members

2. BAIS Alkiviadis (MC, Greece, EoC)

4. CHEYMOL Anne (MC, Belgium, EoC)

5. EERME Kalju (MC, Estonia, EoC)

6. FEISTER Uwe (MC, Germany, ---)

7. KAUROLA Jussi (MC, Finland, EoC)

8. KRZYSCIN Janusz (MC, Poland, EoC)

9. LAPETA Bozena (MC, Poland, EoC)

10. LINDFORS Anders (MC, Finland, EoC)

11. MANEA Laura (MC, Romania, ---)

12. PASHIARDIS Stelios (MC, Cyprus, ---)

13. PRIBULLOVA Anna (MC Slovakia, EoC)

14. RADA Constantin (MC, Romania, ---)

15.SECKMEYER Gunther ((SMC), Germany, ---)

16. STAIGER Henning (PE, Germany, EoC)

17. VERDEBOUT Jean (MC, JRC, ---)

18. WEIHS Philipp (MC, Austria, EoC)

20. CURYLO Aleksander (--, Poland, EoC)

21. EDVARDSEN Kare (--, Norway, EoC)

22. OLSETH Jan Alse (--, Norway, EoC)

23. MISAGA Oliver (--, Slovakia, EoC)

24. SIMIC Stana (--, Austria, EoC)

25. KAZANTZIDIS Andreas (--, Greece, ---)

26. MAYER Bernhard (--, Germany, ---)

27. MEERKOTTER Ralf (--, Germany, ---)

28. di SARRA Alcide (--, Italy, ---)

29. REUDER Jochen (--, Germany, ---)

30. SIMEONE Emilio (--, Italy, ---)

31. SMOLSKAIA Irina (--, Germany, ---)